This is free writing…

Ok. Here goes. Sure, I’ll go back to fix spelling errors and obvious typos, but the challenge today is to free-write for 10 minutes. I have 19 minutes left in the day, so I best not waste time.

The last few days I have not written as much. First was the school break, which meant extra mom-time, and then my honey-honey was in town for a week (which was awesome!) so I was not spending my time writing. If you catch my meaning. It was great to have extra time with my daughter, and time with my sweetheart, but I missed the quiet morning time of writing. The new rhythm, when I am alone here in NYC, is that I take her to school, and am home by 8:15am. Then I write for about an hour, then call Peter, and for the next hour or so, we talk, run together (just a mile so far), and then we both get to work. I have four hours then to work before school pick-up time.

I hate getting up early, mostly because I stay up so late and it hurts my head to wake up when I am still tired, but once I am up, I am up. So, coming home from the school drop-off to a quite apartment with its cool morning light calms me. Sitting down to write in the morning is a new pleasure, one I was not quite disciplined enough to enjoy when I was in my early 30’s, the last time I was writing regularly. So, yeah, it has been a really long time. Really. Almost a decade. There was something about that life I was suddenly living, it did not seem compatible with a creative pursuit. I was dancing a lot, and learning about a new language, so there were other ways to stretch my brain. And I stopped spending time with practicing artists too, which was probably a big factor, now that I think about it. Right now, I am in a new phase of inviting artists back into my life, and that can’t be an accident.

Things are good now though… In the last several weeks, I have gotten two checks from the city, from whatever agency it is that refunds your money of you over-pay on traffic and parking tickets, and I also discovered $24 in my E-Z Pass account. And I got a contract for some writing and editing work. First time for that in a long, long time. It’s all good stuff. I am excited, positive. I look forward to the future, and to all the obstacles being cleared from my path. The writing is an integral part. Thanks for being my audience in this process.

This post was written in response to the Daily Post.


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