Well, Golly…

Handle With Care

How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?

The truth is, I stink at it.
The truth is, I am great at it.
The truth is, I live for brutal honesty.
The truth is, I shrink from difficult conversations.
The truth is, I am my own best critic.
The truth is, I beat the crap out of myself on the inside.
The truth is, I usually know what the criticism is.
The truth is, I am really defensive sometimes. A lot of times.
The truth is, I hate to be told what to do.
The truth is, it takes me to a deep, dark place inside my psyche where resides the self that feels massive insecurity, worthlessness, and that it must bargain for any attention at all.

This exact issue is facing me right now in both my (romantic) relationship and my professional ones. I mean, RIGHT NOW. So, golly, how did the Daily Post know that?

Facing this thing requires me to go my core and look at the layers of buried stuff, so that I can keep unpacking the suitcases of my past. In that process, it’s way too easy to go straight to accepting that it’s “all my fault,” even when I know that fault and blame are hardly ever the real issue. My goal is to be able to acknowledge my responsibility without forgetting my essential humanity. That is really difficult.

I read this this morning in Elephant Journal, and it rang true for me. Some days are easier than others. It’s pretty cool that this writing opportunity presented itself on THIS day.

This is written in response to the Daily Post at WordPress.com.