Free Write Delayed

Last week, I started writing here, using the Daily Post on WordPress as my inspiration. Then my kid had four days in a row off of school (Rosh Hashana and the weekend) and I didn’t write. But I was holding on to an idea to write about the Universe.

I read this amazing story on Vox about the Laniakea supercluster of galaxies, from a new study for Nature.

The way I look at it, the universe goes beyond our ability to comprehend. When I see some of those pictures, it’s like looking under a microscope. The last one shown in the Vox article looks like images of neurons and dendrites. It makes me wonder if we (you, me, Earth) ARE just a speck of dust on a flower, carried by a cartoon elephant.

My own particular concept of the Universe is a big part of my cosmology. I don’t exactly believe in God, and I don’t exactly not believe either. Once, I told a Greek Orthodox priest that I was sure I did not believe in the “old guy with a beard on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.” Father Nick was wise enough to ask what I did believe. “Love,” I said. “Or Energy.” I’m no scientist, but it just always seemed logical to me that the energy must be accounted for somehow. We are made up of energy. We have electricity running through us. So it must go somewhere when we die. From there I got to my idea of believing in Energy. Nowadays, the Universe is constantly giving me clues and dropping hints. Sure, sometimes I go looking, and I may indeed find just what I want to find. Other times though, these things align so neatly as to be irrefutable. I believe the Universe is guiding me. It wants good for me. It wants good for us all.

The still images captured from the Nature video are beautiful. Is it naive to believe that their beauty is a sign of the inherent goodness of the Universe? Maybe so. I am willing to risk being naive.

Along these lines, my mP3 player just summoned this for me.